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At Pen-Crafts we specialise in Supplying top quality pen turning kits to suit all tastes, the large majority of our kits come from the USA and are manufactured in Taiwan although to provide a range to suit all pockets and skills we also source kits from China.
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Pen blanks - hand made in the uk.

Turned pens

Our online shop has been setup to provide quality pen kits, pencil kits, perfume atomizers, perfume pens bushings sets and much more, Pen Crafts offers quality and a reliable service you can rely on. Our pen kits are in black titanium, rhodium, chrome and 24k gold plated from cigar pen kits, fountain pens kits and roller balls kits and we are always striving to obtain new designs. Pen kits

Everything for the pen turner

Turned pens

Our pens come in a variety of coatings in high end plating's like 22ct & 24ct Gold, Brilliant Rhodium, and the "extremely durable platings" of Gold Titanium Nitride , Black Titanium Nitride, Gunmetal and chrome to name a few, a number of our pens are also fashioned with Swarovski crystals giving an exquisite look to the finished pen.

We also sell a range of spares, tools, blanks and pen cases to allow the pen maker to finish and personalise his or her finished creation to a high standard. It is our intention to add to and provide a service that will keep you up to date with the latest designs and tooling and to assist you with any queries you may have on producing your pens.

About our services.

It is our intention to add to, and provide a service for the wood turner and pen turner, project kits to suit both the experienced and novice turner and to cover other similar crafts that he or she may wish to undertake.

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